The 'Hanffaser Uckermark e.V.' (Hemp-fiber Uckermark, registered association) processes renewable resources and and produces building materials from Hemp. Building with hemp combines centuries of tradition with modern working and living, and eliminates the need of diffusion barriers (made of plastics) in construction.

Building with Hemp

  • thermal insulation
  • latent heat-resistance
  • heat storage capacity
  • heat protection in summer
  • acoustic insulation (incl. airborne sound)
  • fire protection class B1
  • life time: 100 years
  • protection against rodents and insects

Building without Diffusion Barriers

  • building without plasitc films
  • humidity self-regulating via diffusion
  • no synthetic additives
  • no addition of salts
  • no fungicides
  • no foams

Fire resisting behaviour of hemp-based insulating materials

Combustible materials differ in how fast they catch fire or how long it takes to start burning. Another distinctive feature is the contribution they make to a fire. The German DIN standards defines three 'fire protection classes' - B1, B2 and B3.

Flame-retardant building materials B1

Building materials of this class must not continue to burn independently after ignition by some heat source. Such controlled building materials are listed in DIN 4102-4, and include (among others): gypsum boards with perforated surfaces, wood-wool lightweight boards (HWL boards), synthetic resin plasters and thermal insulation systems. Building materials not listed are classified as 'class B1' if they pass a specific fire shaft test (Brandschachtprüfung) according to DIN 4102-1.


Fire protection classes are established by independent expert evaluation, in accordance with European Standards or national technical standards.
Our products received a 'European Technical Approval' certificate, which includes fire protection classification.
These certificates were issued by the European Organization for Technical Approvals (EOTA), the respective test have been conducted by the Österreichisches Institut für Bautechnik (OIB) ('Austrian Institute for Construction Technologies') in Vienna.

Our hemp-based insulation wool HDW (ETZ 0016/01) received an additional independent evaluation from the technical University Graz. The certificates linked below attest the fire protection classification C-s2 d0 / C-s3 d0 / E (limited contribution to fire), depending on the thickness of the insulation layer. This corresponds to the DIN 4102-1 classification B1 described above (flame-retardant building materials).